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Jesus Instead by Harry C. Griffith


Pastors are telling us this is the best BRF resource developed as a Bible study which leads participants to discover what Jesus would have his present-day disciples do to truly become the body of Christ - His church in today's world.  This 96 page, 24 session workbook is divided into four sections: Jesus Loves Me; Jesus Is with Me; Jesus Is in Me; Jesus Instead of Me.   A must study for growing Christians.


$14.95 (10 or more for $12.95 each)*



Growing in Grace


In depth discipleship and spiritual formation for teens and adults.   A 20-week study divided into five sections: Take, Bless, Break, Give, and Go Forth.


$15.95 (10 or more $13.95 each)*






Loving to Tell the Story by Harry C. Griffith

How to Enjoy Sharing with Others What Jesus Christ Means in Your Life


If Jesus is more important to us than anyone or anything, we should enjoy talking about him and what he means in our lives.  We should love to tell the story.  The fact is that many of us are intimidated by the thought of talking about our faith with others, whether with family or casual acquaintances.  This book draws on the experience, expertise, and insights of a number of people whose lives have been greatly enhanced by being able to share with others the joy of Jesus Christ in their lives.  This joy can be yours if you avail yourself of the information it provides.


$8.95 each*



Discovering Our Ministry by Harry C. Griffith


We are all called and gifted for ministry.   This workbook is designed to help people understand the many facets of lay ministry, to discover the gifts God has given them for ministry, and to identify the special areas of ministry to which God calls them.   Help find God's plan for you.


This is wonderful for a group class activity.


$8.95 (10 or more $7.95 each)*


Bible 101


Prepared by the staff of BRF, this introductory guide will give the reader a better understanding of how the Bible came to be and in-sights into the leading characters.   This 48-page study guide is designed as a 6-week group study course for the first-time Bible reader or anyone who wants a brief refresher.


$8.95 (10 or more $7.95)*






The Little Book on Life in the Spirit by Donald M. Hultstrand and Harry C. Griffith


How is it possible that a small group of fishermen and their friends turned the world over in the name of Christ in the first century?  It is because they were filled with the Holy Spirit.


The purpose of this little book is to demonstrate the nature and work of the Holy Spirit in a lively but practical way.  Following brief sections on how the Holy Spirit works, receiving the Holy Spirit, and learning to live by the Spirit, there are 25 Scripture-based devotionals in which these teachings are demonstrated in occurrences of everyday life.


$8.95 each*



Holy Living Today by Donald M. Hultstrand


Jeremy Taylor’s Holy Living, written in 1650, is one of those devotional classics that transcends the passage of time and changes in culture.  As a bishop on sabbatical at Canterbury, England, Donald Hultstrand had the opportunity to re-read Holy Living in that ancient setting and realized that the same striving for wholeness (holiness) of life is drastically needed in this broken world so he wrote this modern-day version.


Wholeness is God’s work and this book calls us to reach out and grasp the hand of Christ that he might lead us on that journey, day by day, and hour by hour.


$6.95 each*



FInding Hope in a Chaotic World by William C. Frey


I used to think that hope was a synonym for optimism.  But I’ve learned that its roots go much deeper. Optimists usually have a rosy view of human nature, assuming that people—and circumstances—will ordinarily turn out all right.  But hope depends less on wishful thinking and more on the nature and promises of God, and on God’s faithfulness. God has done it in the past, God promises to do it again, and God keeps His promises.


Come along with me and explore the many ways in which a solid trust in God’s power and His dreams for your life can create and magnify a fresh hope in your heart.


$4.95 each*


Spiritual Healing by Maurice M. Benitez


"I graduated from Seminary and was ordained over 50 years ago.  I knew well the Old and New Testaments, Church history, systematic theology.  But about prayer, I knew next to nothing.  I believed that when someone got sick, they were going to get well... or not! But prayer was not going to change it."


The late Bishop Benitez shares how he discovered the power of healing prayer at work in the world today.  Be encouraged to make it a part of your own life.


$4.95 each*

In His Place by Harry C. Griffith (A Novel)

A Modern-Day Challenge in the Tradition of Charles Sheldon’s Classic, In His Steps


When Pastor Steve Long challenges his prominent but self-satisfied congregation to become a living force for Christ in their small North Georgia town, he is blindsided by personal trials—including push-back from the church leadership and his son's teenage rebellion.  Responding to Christ's command "As the Father has sent me, so I send you," guided by the Holy Spirit and strengthened by the support of a friend who is not a practicing Christian, Paster Long tackles these difficult situations—and more—over a tumultuous week of trials and testing and utimately learns (as he leads) what it means to walk In His Place.


$12.95 each*


Life Application Study Bible

(New Living Translation)


Today's most popular study Bible is now available in the New Living Translation.  Over 10,000 Life Application notes help you apply the Bible to everyday life.


$32.99 each*